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Student Information


We believe that the best results comes from a structured yet friendly environment and we want your experience to be rewarding and of value.  We expect your training to be effective and enjoyable and we want your experience to be positive and polite.  We will treat you with the same degree of respect you treat our staff.  We care about you and your family which compels us to help you in any way we can.  We do not want you to be bullied or harassed.  If we can help with suggestions or lessons learned then let us share them with you.  The Academy works best when we communicate regularly.  Let our role as coach and instructor serve as a third party when navigating some of life's challenges.  We will praise noteworthy accomplishments and just as quickly correct any issues.  We ask that you, as a parent, allow us to make corrections while in our studio.  Please do not take those corrections personally.  


Learning Martial Arts develops great skill and knowledge.  This knowledge must be tempered with maturity and responsibility.  We reserve the right to end your membership at any time if we feel you are unable to manage your control or are a danger to anyone.


We insist that all of our Black Belt candidates complete our leadership course which means that they help other students learn the material.  


There are so many advantages to Martial Arts training.  Many student learn not only how to defend themselves but also how to control their anger, manage their time, and focus on what they need to do.  


We hope that during your training you will gain the knowledge to become a very successful martial artists and a successful individual.


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