Sparring Class

Sparring is Not Fighting!  Students are not permitted to aggressively execute any technique as if they were defending themselves. 


Sparring is an exercise to help students further develop kicks and punches while moving. 

Techniques are often sped up to create a greater opportunity to successfully score.


Any student losing control repeatedly or injuring other students intentionally will be disciplined and possible expelled.  


Sparring Objective: Why do we spar?

1) To challenge ourselves both mentally and physically

2) To learn how to hit a moving target

3) To learn how to defend against strikes 

4) To learn how control the situation and the attacker. 


Rank Rules for Sparring:

All equipment must be worn including mouthpiece


White - Gold/Black belts

 No Sparring - only learning the basics which will be used later in sparring classes


Green - Brown  

Students spar at the instructor's discretion with all techniques above the belt.

Target is your chest-- Light contact to headgear permitted.


Red - Black 

Trapping / Grappling


Black Belts 

Weapon, Trapping, Grappling, and Multiple Attackers