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Black Belts

Our overall goal is that you train and become a Black Belt. The significance of earning a Black Belt is a person's culmination of focus, determination and commitment.  We train our students in the Warrior Arts as a tool for developing confidence and good health. 



Goals for Black Belts

First, we train the mind to listen with intention and the body to move with purpose. 


Secondly, we teach how to coordinate the mind and body to move with decisive action and focus. 


Third, we train your muscle memory to react with control and confidence. 


Forth, we teach you techniques that will become part of your reactions and mental awareness. 


Fifth, we instill confidence tempered with humility. 


Sixth, we will help you manage your temper and emotions. 


Seventh, we will help you learn to think strategically. 


Eighth, we will train you to be a better teacher and leader. 


Ninth, we will develop your defensive skills to a razor sharp edge. 


Tenth, when you can demonstrate courtesy and respect we will train you as a Black Belt. 



Advanced Black Belt Training 


1st Dan - Science of Fighting 


2nd Dan - Science of Weapon Fighting 


3rd Dan - Science of Anatomy and Pressure Points


4th Dan - Science of Techniques in Motion 


5th Dan - Science of Systems and Theories 


6th Dan - Science of Martial Arts Coaching and Education 


7th Dan- Science of Teaching Advanced Black Belts 


8th Dan- Science of Healing Arts 

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