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- How much does it cost?

We offer One Week of Free Classes as a trial period. Rates and specials can be found under Membership Information.

- Is there a contract to sign?

We understand things change or come up unexpectedly in life so we are a No Contract month to month membership establishment.  You just need to give us a 30 day notice before cancelling your account and your account needs to be paid in full before we can cancel it.  

- How often can I attend class?

We offer unlimited classes to our members. We want our members to have flexibility with their schedules and be involved as little or as much as they like.

- What is the atmosphere like?

We are a family oriented establishment. Instructors work with students to recognize each individual ability and we understand that everyone learns at different rates.

- What are the Instructors Qualifications?

With Over 330 yrs of experience among our instructors, you know your getting world class training. Each Instructor has been with AKA for many years. That commitment allows trust to develop between students and     teachers creating a comfortable environment to flourish.

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