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About AKA

Master Clark with sticks
Master Mark W. Clark

Our Background and Beliefs

In the spring of 1993, the American Karate Academy commenced its journey, welcoming three individuals united by an unwavering dedication to a singular vision:

"Everyone possesses the right to acquire the skills to defend themselves and evolve into better individuals."

Despite our school's expansion, we steadfastly uphold our familial ambiance and remain true to our initial commitment, catering to students of all ages and skill levels.

At our core, we are a self-defense institution. Our methodology employs martial discipline to mold students into leaders capable of navigating life's daily stresses with apt responses.

We conduct classes in English, simplifying the intricate language of Martial Arts and minimizing confusion, particularly for our younger participants.

To provide a firsthand experience of our school, we extend a week of complimentary classes. Proudly devoid of contracts and featuring affordable rates, we prioritize our students' focus on Martial Arts training. With Unlimited Classes, individuals can pursue their goals at their own pace.

We look forward to sharing and evolving alongside you within the enriching community of the American Karate Academy family.

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