The Seven Rules

To Follow When Taking Karate


Students, particularly the younger members, often wonder when and how to use karate.  We ask for your help in assisting us to teach certain rules to guide and maintain our decisions.



Never practice on anyone not prepared or unable to train properly at your level.  For example: younger brothers, sisters, neighborhood friends, parents, pets or furniture.


Never show off your karate in public unless it is an approved function of the studio.   


The three-time rule: Try three times to

walk away before using karate.

Use other methods to deal with a bully, like verbal Judo. 


Do not hurt someone after you have

controlled or knocked them down.


Do not hit others. This is very childish and disrespectful.  We may practice in class for protection against an attack, if it is necessary, but we should always be brave enough to walk away rather than fight. 

Always use your head for thinking - not blocking.