Studio Rules


-Remove shoes before entering the training area.

-Bow to the flag when entering and leaving the training area.

-Do not wear your belt outside of the studio.  Wear it around your neck, tucked inside your uniform or carry it neatly.

-Do not let your belt fall or lie on the ground.

-Bow to all instructors when approaching them on the training floor or at formal functions, i.e. tests and tournaments.

-Do not interrupt black belt instructors when they are in a meeting or discussion during class.

-No talking during class or talking loud when leaving the studio.

-Do not cross in front of other students when they are training.

-Do not make fun of or belittle other students.

-Always wear karate pants, plain white or black T-shirt or AKA approved T-shirt.  Do not forget your belt or training equipment.   Shorts are allowed in the summer time but they must be knee length. 

-Report any damages or injuries to instructors immediately.


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