American Karate Academy Special Introductory Offer!

Try the first week for free.  If you are still not sure that
Martial Arts is something you want to do after the first week then you can choose
one of the following packages to try the class a little longer. 
Choose your Package
$25.00 for 2 classes
$65.00 for 2 weeks
$99.00 for 4 weeks

 If you are sure you want to join the school after completing the introductory offer then you would sign up

to become a member of The American Karate Academy.

Club Registration: 

Registration fee is a one-time fee needed to activate your account.


$129.00 for first family member - Price includes uniform pants, belt, t-shirt and Martial Arts DVD.

$109.00 for each additional family member - Price includes uniform pants, belt and t-shirt


Monthly Dues:

The membership dues entitles the student to unlimited classes per month.

We recommend two classes per week to maintain skills.


$99 for the first family member

$155 for two family members

$195 for three family members

$40 each for additional family members


Other Information:


Sparring gear will need to be purchased before or at the Green Belt level.  

Approximately $220.00--$265.00


Testing Fees: 

Start at $40.00 

Seminars and private lessons are available with various price ranges and dates.  

Feldenkrais, Tai Chi, Small Circle Jujitsu, and Advanced Escrima do not require an American Karate Academy Club Registration and are paid directly to the instructor.   

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Monocacy Village Shopping Plaza
928 N. East Street
Frederick, MD  21701