Schedule of Classes

(Any changes to the existing schedule will be posted in the studio and online.)

Martial Arts Training

 Monday thru Thursday

4:30  pm Ages 3-5

5:30 pm Ages 6 - 10

6:30 pm Ages 11 - 16

7:30  pm  Ages 17 - Adults


4:30 pm Ages 7-13

5:30 Adults


9 am Ages 3 - 6

10 am Ages 7 - 10

11 am Ages 11 - Adult

Day Classes:  (No Charge for existing Members)

Tuesdays and Thursdays

11:00 am - Ages 5-12

12:00 pm - 13 - Adults 


Other Classes Available

 7:30 pm

Monday - Small Circle Jujitsu

Tuesday - PTK (Kali)

Wednesday - Ground / Grappling

Thursday - PTK (Kali)

Friday - Modern Arnis


 Kali 1-2:30 pm 



Please make sure your email is up to date at the studio so changes and billing can be sent through email.  


Additional Classes available to AKA members and non-members.

Advanced Escrima ($15 per class)

        Friday from 6:00 - 9 pm


Tai Chi  (Extra cost for class)

       Monday 12 - 1:30 pm

Kali Class ($15 per class)

Sundays 1-2:30 pm


Classes are unlimited with your membership.   Most students come two to three times a week.  We do not advise parents to bring children every night as that will burn them out quickly.  We recommend students attend class twice a week for steady progress and success. For best retention, plan to divide the classes up so they are not back-to-back.

Families may choose the day/time/frequency of classes within each student's assigned age and belt rank.

We know that kids want to try other sports along with karate.  Many times it can be a little overwhelming to do both sports at the same time.  We do recommend that if you want to try other sports please continue to come to Karate at least once a week so you do not forget the material.  Many people who stop the training for other sports fell like they have gotten behind when they come back to Karate.  They feel like they will never get caught back up.  This is the main reason we have students drop out of Karate.