Small Circle JuJitSu

Small Circle Jujitsu (SCJ) is a self-defense system that includes grappling, throws, kicks, strikes, pressure points, and weapons.  The emphasis of SCJ is on learning effective principles and anatomical weaknesses to defeat a larger and stronger opponent. 
Professor Leon Jay and Jerry Dozier with small circle Jujitsu

Professor Leon Jay (in black)

and Jerry Dozier (in white)

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SCJ is for self-defense, not a rule based sports system for competition.  Some might call this system dirty-jujitsu because the objective is survival…not a trophy.  Another distinction of SCJ is the preference to have the opponent on the ground, while you are still standing in order to defend against multiple attackers.  American Karate Academy is an official school in the Small Circle Jujitsu Organization where you can learn and rank in the SCJ curriculum as developed by the system’s leader, Professor Leon Jay.  Further information on Small Circle Jujitsu may be obtained at