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Schedule:  We would like students to attend class at minimum twice a week.  Realizing how hectic schedules can be we offer many class times Monday thru Thursday and Saturdays for all belt ranks.  You can join the class that fits your belt rank and age level on whichever days fit into your schedule.  It is best to divide the classes up so they are not back-to-back.  Any changes to the existing schedule will be posted in the studio and online.   If you should practice a seasonal sport then try to remain at one class per week.  Students who stop for significant periods of time may feel left out or behind when they rejoin after the seasonal sport.  They may not want to continue with Karate since they feel they can not catch up with the friends they were training with when they left.  We encourage students to try to continue as much as possible during other sports but if they can not train at the studio during this time they should train at home so they do not forget what they have learned.