Master Clark

Martial Arts 
Master Instructor Mark W. Clark began studying in Tang Soo Do at the age of four.  When he was fourteen he earned his adult black belt from Sok Ho Kang, the first US olympic fighting coach.  At Age twelve he became attached to a Filipino family where he bagan training in Family Arnis De Mano system.  He began studying Shotokan at age fifteen under Sensi Tracy Cook (9th dan) and Sensei Sam Boyd (International Kumite Champion).
Master Clark then joined the Army and became a sparring partner with the Army Boxing Team and was introduced to teaching Hand to Hand combat skills.
He studied Hapkido with Sang Yun Kim. 
After the army Master Clark went to West Virginia University where he was introduced to Reme Prasas.  Master Clark became a 4th Dan teacher for Karate at West Virginia University. 
While at WVU he studied to 2nd Dan in Aikido from the West Virginia Martial Arts Association.
Master Clark then taught Karate at the YMCA along with some private lessons until 1993 when he opened The American Karate Academy.  
He achieved his 5th Dan in 1996. 

Incorporated styles but not mastered - WIng Chun, Chi Na, Silat( Maphilndo)

Instructors of influence and personally trained with: 

Fumio Demura -  1 step techniques and Kubodo

Guru Dan Inosanto - Introduction to Maphilindo Silat

Wally Jay - Intro to Small Circle Jujitsu

Joe Lewis - Kickboxing

Reme Prasas- Modern Arnis

Stephen Hayes - Ninjutsu

Gene Labell - Grappling

Trained with Sok Ho Kang