Jacob McDonald

Jacob McDonald has been studying martial arts all his life. From the age of 5, his father taught him boxing with elements of isshinryu karate. Jacob then went on to learn Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and submission wrestling during high school. Hungry for more knowledge, he continued to learn and work with his college wrestling club. However, it was in college that he got his first taste of swords. As a martial artist and a theatre student, he went into stage combat. Successful but unsatisfied with choreographed fighting, Jacob searched for new avenues of martial arts.
After years of independently studying various western martial arts, such as pankration and folk wrestling, he started training under Jeremy Pace while living in Oklahoma City. After moving back to Maryland, he has brought Cymbrogi with him. Jacob loves western martial arts, but he also has a passion for instructing. He prides himself in being able to communicate techniques to people with all levels of experience.
Along with being the Captain of the school, Jacob is a certified personal trainer through the National Academy of Sport Medicine. He brings his knowledge of fitness and martial arts to train students in a safe and functional way.