Dues and Payments 

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We believe in earning your business in each and every class.  We believe that if we do our jobs well and you experience the value that real Martial Arts offer you will continue to train with us.  We have always felt that everyone's lives change all the time and peoples interest change daily.  As a result we offer a month to month program instead of a term contract for your training. 

We do expect your monthly payment each month whether or not you attend regularly.  However, we understand that families need seasonal flexibility, so if you'd like to take a break from training, let us know at least a month before, and we can suspend your account for the period of time requested.  Your account will then automatically reactivate after the hold time has expired and normal monthly payments will resume.

We use a third party billing company to handle our monthly billing.  If payment is not received within 10 days of the due date, a $10 late fee will be added to your monthly payment.  We recommend you set your account up as an automatic payment from a checking, savings, or credit card account to avoid your payment being late.